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First and foremost dallas recruiting firm are businesses: simple, ordinary businesses that have employees, pay taxes, and make a profit (or at least try to, because the niche is so tough and competitive). There are some global high rollers out there. that are present in several countries (like Lugera and Makler, Adecco, Trenkwalder), a few small agencies that specialize in a niche, are good at it and actually make profits (like SAP recruitment), and a few others that are trying to survive (but mostly not).

A dallas recruiting firm mainly covers two basic activities: helping applicants find jobs and helping other companies to find good applicants for their vacancies. Therefore, they are an intermediary in the market between job-seeking candidates and companies looking for candidates. Most agencies (I use “most” because everyone we’ve worked with has, but I can’t bet everyone in the world is in the same boat) mostly offer free services to candidates and only companies pay them.

Working with a professional company can help streamline the process of finding opportunities. It’s important to remember that not all recruiting companies are created equal. As with any industry, there are certain practices you should consider before signing up to work with an agency. When selecting a recruitment agency always establishes the following: Their policy on “blind” submissions: A blind submission is a submission that is sent to the client without prior confirmation from the candidate.

Agencies that engage in this practice randomly submit resumes without first considering the applicant’s availability, most recent salary requirements, and even whether they have already applied for a job at another company. They simply introduce candidates to clients hoping something sticks. Only work with a team that adheres to a no blind submission policy. What they mean by a “qualified” job posting: In the recruiting industry, the phrase “qualified opportunity” can mean many things to many people.

Some agencies collect job boards and simply copy and paste job descriptions without connecting directly to the hiring company. While this is not an unethical process, it can be a huge waste of time for applicants submitting their resumes for positions that are still open online but have long since been filled. Even if the position is still open, if a company has no current relationship with the recruiting business, their submissions (aka their resume) are likely to get little to no attention. Always confirm that the technology recruiters you work with only submit your resume for positions for which they qualify, directly to the hiring manager.

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