What Should You Look For in a Lady’s Crossbow?


1. A Compact Crossbow

There’s no doubt that you’ll grow accustomed to carrying the best hunting crossbows, no matter how heavy it is. Nonetheless, you can ease into it by obtaining one weighing 7-8 pounds or less. You’ll most likely be hunting for hours, so this will relieve some of the strain. Furthermore, women’s crossbows should be lighter. It is easier to maintain focus and aim for longer periods.

2. Draw Weight: Low to Medium

The amount of force required to pull the crossbow string back and cock the device is referred to as draw weight. Crossbow draw weights can range from 20 to 200 pounds. There are legal minimum draw weights for game hunting, which are typically around 35-40lbs. The legal minimum varies depending on the state. I recommend that you look for a first-time women’s crossbow in the 35-55lb draw weight range, depending on your frame size and strength.

3. Shorter Power Stroke

The draw length, or the distance between when a crossbow’s string is fully cocked (furthest back) and when it is relaxed at its resting position, is another way to describe the power stroke. A longer power stroke is usually associated with a more powerful crossbow and more footpounds of kinetic energy, but this isn’t always the best option for all users. Many people prefer a smaller power stroke that, while still powerful, makes cocking the crossbow easier.

4. Width

What width crossbow to buy is a matter of personal preference, though I’m a big fan of a slim crossbow (especially when cocked), first and foremost because it’s extremely functional. You’ll be able to glide through trees or spin around in a ground blind without colliding with dangling branches or your chair arm. Furthermore, I believe it is more aesthetically pleasing, not to mention lighter due to the crossbow’s reduced width. I’d recommend looking for a cocked width of no more than 14-15 inches for the best women’s crossbow, though the narrower the better. Some top-of-the-line crossbows have an incredible width of only 7-8 inches.

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