What Happened When You Consume Magic Mushroom


Psilocybin mushroom or magic mushroom is a kind of recreational medicine that can make someone hallucinate. Besides, users can also feel euphoria, thought process disorders, time perception disorders, and so on. Although illegal, magic mushrooms are still widely traded. Then, what are the effects if you consume this with low psilocybin dosage? Most magic mushroom users say they experience strange hallucinations after consuming them. One of them, like seeing the sound or hear colors. Based on research, this happens because the magic mushroom can affect communication between networks in the brain. As a result, users see things that are not commonly seen by normal people. You can see soulcybin review.

From a study at New York University, participants who consumed magic mushrooms were found to experience excessive hallucinations and discomfort. Some last for a few minutes, but some last for hours. However, recent studies show that magic mushroom gives people with depression, OCD or PTSD a significant change in their brain. Besides, in the right amount, this mushroom could reduce anxiety and stress. Hallucinations experienced can vary depending on how much consumption, nature, mood, and the environment around you. Negative surroundings and feelings of sadness can make you hallucinate badly. Therefore, these hallucinations often cause people to do dangerous actions, such as suicide.

Magic mushroom can make you experience something real, but you don’t. For example, you feel as if you are floating or out of your own body. This feeling usually arises after 20–90 minutes of consuming this magic mushroom. In addition to hallucinations, another effect is that time feels very slow. One minute might feel like five hours for magic mushroom users. Although some studies state that magic mushrooms can cure anxiety and depression, this has not been proven in the long run. Bad effects, the fact is more experienced by users. Therefore, avoid consumption without consultation or professional recommendation so that it does not lead to negative things.

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