Website And Social Media Are Necessary For Employee Recruitment Today


Improving your company’s website can certainly expedite the recruitment process because apart from being able to place job advertisements, the website can also be a representation of your company. By having a good website, applicants can know that your company is active and not fictitious. Through the website, you can also do company branding. Therefore, both the appearance and content of the website need to be considered. You have to get potential candidates interested in applying. You can also work with sales recruitment agencies to get some of the best candidates in your area.

A simple example of writing vacancies on the website to make it interesting

“We are a growing company, have 2 branches and will expand this year, we need…”

You can also include company history or company achievements. Of course, this will be more attractive for prospective employees to apply to your company.

In addition to the website, Andu can also take advantage of social media. Especially if you want to attract quality candidates from the millennial generation, be sure to incorporate social media into your company’s employee recruitment strategy. You can use this platform not only to advertise job vacancies, but also to find talent, and communicate directly with other potential candidates.

However, the recruitment strategy of utilizing social media is not as simple as just creating a profile and reaching out to candidates. Social media relies on personal relationships to communicate job opportunities to potential candidates. Social media usually includes Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other social media. Social media is often used as a recruitment tool because more and more candidates are successfully recruited based on social media network references. Recruited candidates also tend to stay in the company if they work with friends in the same company.

If you want to use this strategy, you must also continue to maintain your persona on social media with the right strategy and actively continue to engage followers on social media to support your reputation and streamline your recruitment strategy.

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