Understand The Use Of Polarization


Talking about the polarization of light, you may have heard of the optical beam splitter technique. Because the technique is still closely related to polarization. For those of you who do not understand polarization, then you are in the right place because, in this article, we will discuss a lot about polarization. So make sure you read the entirety of this article so you can understand what polarization means. The process of polarization is a process in which absorption occurs in some directions in the vibrational plane of the wave. As for the symptoms themselves, this is experienced by transverse waves so that in this case the incoming light is already included in the transverse waves. For the use of light polarization itself, there are indeed a few things you need to know

The first is the use of Ryben glasses, where these glasses will be quite useful because the light that comes out of the Ryben glasses has been polarized and makes the light intensity decrease so that users of this type of glasses will not be dazzled. The second, that using a photographic filter, where will allow you to get a clearer image by polarizing light that is not needed in this case. The third, the use of a polaroid type filter. Where it is used to perform a stress analysis on transparent plastic. So when light passes through a plastic, each color of light will be polarized in its direction. However, when the plastic is tried to be placed on one of the two polarizing plates, what is obtained is that you will see a colorful pattern

The fourth is the use of 3-dimensional film. The 3-dimensional film consists of 2 films shown. So in a cinema, both films will be shown on the screen simultaneously. These two films are from 2 different projectors. And here there will be polarization. Where then each film will be projected from two sides that simply have a backlash onto a metal screen

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