Tips For Fresh Graduate Finding Work Amid Pandemic


For those of you who just graduated this year have very tough challenges, apart from competing with friends, you also have to face the Corona Virus pandemic to get a job. Many companies during the pandemic are hiring freezes or closing hiring. At times like this, you should be able to take advantage of the opportunities that exist. By using what jobs, you can search for various types of jobs that suit your desires. With the Google, now you can get a job easily.

Even amid a pandemic, you shouldn’t just let your guard down. Why? Because even during a pandemic like this you can still get a job because many companies also need employees to run companies in times like this. Then what are some tips so that you can get a job amid this pandemic?

Improve Your Networking
Establishing communication is very important for those of you who are fresh graduates. In this digital era, you are very lucky because there is a platform for professional workers, namely LinkedIn. You have to make the most of this platform. Make your profile look professional, don’t just create a profile and post something unrelated to the world of work. By building networking on LinkedIn, you will get a lot of information about the world of work and can have direct discussions with practitioners.

Want to Learn New Things
Remember, today’s technology is very fast. You also have to compensate by studying the technology even though it’s not your field. The reason is that current job vacancies are dominated by vacancies related to technology. You can learn about coding and UI / UX via the internet and youtube. In the future, vacancies for technology personnel will be very much needed because now all are starting to switch to digital. Remember, learning doesn’t have to be expensive, you can learn everything for free via the internet and immediately practice what can become your portfolio.

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