Tips For Choosing The Right Dog Breeder


For those of you who have a preference for the breed when choosing their favorite dog to take home, and are looking for more information About Blue Diamond Family Pups kennel, this is the answer. Of course, you will choose healthy, lively, and happy puppies, therefore several things need to be considered when choosing the right breeder.

A good breeder will:
1. Breed healthy chicks without genetic diseases.
2. Provide a clean, comfortable, and standardized place to live for puppies and their dogs.
3. Treat the dog well.
4. Do not overbreed female dogs.

Here’s how to make sure you don’t choose the wrong breeder:

1. Go to the kennel in person
Make an appointment with the breeder to come to the place so you can observe in person. Pay attention to the cleanliness of the environment where the saplings and broods live. Dogs should not be in the cage for too long and there should be exercise time so that they are not stressed. It is recommended that you interact with the parents to see if they are friendly, sociable, healthy, clean, and of good character because the chicks will resemble their parents.

2. Have a health document from a veterinarian
By the time you adopt 8-week old puppies, they must have:
a. First Vaccine
b. Anthelmintic
c. Has a microchip (optional)
Ask for the completeness of the documentation for vaccines and deworming for puppies, so that in the future you can provide this information to your subscribed veterinarian.

3. Understand the breed that is kept
Breeders will explain important information regarding the breeds they breed. Ask about the potential size of the dog, temperament, exercise needs, genetic disease, and the special needs of the dog you are about to adopt.

The advantages of adopting a dog from a trusted breeder include knowing the health status and background of the puppies and their parents, getting healthy puppies, and being able to consult on how to properly care for them from the experts. Don’t forget to study the breed that suits your family and where you live and make sure you’re committed to being a responsible owner.

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