These Symptoms of Stomach Pain Should Be Checked by a Doctor


Pain in the upper abdomen as well as the upper back or around the shoulder for several hours can be a sign of an illness. Especially if it is followed by other symptoms such as bloating, nausea and the body or eyes become yellowish. Although not certain, the symptoms you are experiencing refer to gallstone disease. Additionally, if you wish to prevent more stomach problems, we recommend you read synogut reviews and find an effective stomach supplement.

Bile is a small organ under the liver. Its function is to help absorb fat and ease the work of the liver to remove metabolic wastes, both in the form of liquid and gas. When the amount of cholesterol is very large, there will be a buildup in the bile that is formed. Over time, the buildup will clump together and block the bile ducts.

As reported by WebMD, this disease cannot be detected early without a physical examination from a doctor. So, when symptoms appear, gallstones may have blocked the bile duct. If you experience these symptoms, see a doctor immediately; The sooner the better.

In addition, abdominal pain in the lower right side should also be checked by a doctor. Initially, stomach pain appears in the upper part of the stomach. However, when you move the pain changes in the lower right, it can even radiate to the back and rectum. Especially if you feel swelling in your stomach, fever, nausea and vomiting, and other digestive disorders. Don’t ignore these sequential symptoms because you are more likely to have appendicitis.

The intestines have many parts and functions to digest anything that enters your body. If the food you eat is unhealthy and injures the appendix, this organ can become inflamed. Sometimes the walls of the appendix can be filled with pus due to inflammation. If not immediately treated by a doctor, the appendix can rupture and spread the infection to the abdominal cavity, causing complications.

This condition is very emergency so treatment is carried out with a surgical process. For that, do not let you ignore the symptoms that appear because your condition could get worse later.

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