These Colors Are Recommended for Floor to Match Your Oak Doors


The two primary types of oak seen in most homes are red and white. Cream to dark reddish-brown is the color range for red oak. The color of white oak can range from white to brownish gray. You can choose the floor color to go with or contrast your oak interior doors from here. The typical hues you can select to complement your oak doors are listed below:

Orange or Yellow
Red oak’s warm undertone can complement tones of yellow, orange, or apricot. Warmth and brightness are added to your home by using colors like orange sienna and yellow ocher. Darker, warmer floor colors, like mustard yellow, will draw attention to your oak doors.

Red hues give room depth and coziness in both traditional and modern home designs. If your property has red oak doors, the red enhances a sense of assertiveness and provides some drama. Red oak doors can be matched with cherry or mahogany-colored wood floors.

Dark Brown To Black
For a modern or contemporary design home, dark floor colors produce a dramatic but sleek aesthetic. Darker floor colors can give a bright white oak door a dark tint. The drawback of having dark flooring is how much maintenance is required. The floor needs to be as dust-free and pristine as possible.

Neutral Colors
Neutral hues can amplify the feeling of space in a room with white or bleached oak doors. Cream, mellow browns, beige, and greiges are examples of neutral hues. These hues are also ideal for merging in with other elements of your interior design. Warm beige or taupe floors can lighten the space.

Gray is a popular choice for flooring. Oak pairs well with gray which has blue and green overtones. Gray is a flexible floor color that can be warm or chilly, strong or subtle. To determine the proper gray hue, check out samples.

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