These Are Some Effective Tips To Gain Good Position On Search Engine


Many websites only focus on appearance without paying attention to the loading speed. Search engines like Google prefer websites that can be accessed quickly. Therefore, make sure your website loading duration is no more than 3 seconds. This has become the most common benchmark so that visitors do not leave your website. To minimize loading time, you can use a hosting that has a fast response. This method is powerful enough to increase your position on search engines. This can be even more powerful if you hire the best seo at the same time. Have you heard about 4 digital marketing myths? You can see this on our website.

Then, in conducting keyword research, several indicators need to be considered. Starting from search volume, keyword suggestions, difficulty level, SERP, and search intent. You have to pay attention to these indicators to get keywords that match your website. In the early stages, you can target keywords with low competition, even if the search volume is not much. This is very realistic because new websites tend to be more difficult to compete with competitors. You can do keyword research with the help of special tools available on the internet. For a good position on search engines, the website must provide quality content.

For a good position on search engines, the website must provide quality content. Every visitor certainly wants to get complete information so that their problems can be resolved immediately. This stage is done after you do keyword research using special tools. Make sure the content you create can answer questions from visitors. Their satisfaction will make your website more famous, and of course, traffic will increase. In content creation, you can use the AIDA formula, content with 3E principles, multiply evergreen content, apply storytelling, and copywriting is also good.

Furthermore, Images have an important role to help visitors understand your content. You must add images that are relevant to the content created. Especially for guide content. With the image then visitors will be easier to practice. Images will also keep visitors from getting bored when they have to read a lot of text. Optimization is done by applying an image size format of less than 100kb to make it smaller for faster loading speed.

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