There Are 4 Reasons Pregnant Women Can’t Stand For Long


When pregnant women stand for too long, the blood flow to the uterus will be disrupted. Blood flow becomes focused on the legs that support pregnant women, even though the blood is needed by the baby as a source of oxygen and nutrients. However, if you want to reduce the risks of standing for too long for pregnant women, we suggest you try using Unimat mats.

There are other effects that pregnant women can experience when she stands for too long, such as:

1. Fatigue

Everyone must be tired if they stand for too long, especially if a pregnant woman is carrying a fetus in her stomach. Therefore, do not let pregnant women stand for too long. In addition, pregnant women should not work too hard, such as forcing them to move a lot. Companies should tolerate and let pregnant women rest or sit down when they start to feel tired, tired, and sore. If pregnant women feel tired, lie down immediately and consume sweet foods or drinks. Go to the hospital if the condition doesn’t get better.

2. Swollen foot

Standing for too long also increases the risk of swollen feet. The reason is, during pregnancy the amount of body fluid increases and peaks between the second and third trimesters. Due to the gravitational force of the earth, more and more body fluids collect in the lower part of the body. So, it is not surprising that the legs of pregnant women will easily swell.

3. Fainting or Falling

In the body of pregnant women, the hormone progesterone will make the blood vessels experience dilation. So varicose veins, bleeding gums, and hypotension are common things he can experience.

Hypotension or a decrease in blood pressure will be bad for pregnant women, the mother feels dizzy and her vision becomes dark because the blood supply to the brain is reduced. They need to get some rest immediately.

4. Varicose veins

Although mothers are not allowed to stand for long, pregnant women should often do light movements and avoid sitting for too long. Otherwise, the effects of Earth’s gravity make the muscles in the legs work harder to return blood to the upper body area.

If blood flow is not smooth, the veins can widen, resulting in deposits that cause large bluish lumps called varicose veins.

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