The Signs of Severe Anxiety and its Common Causes


As an ordinary human who has feelings, feeling anxious is certainly a common thing, such as when feeling in love, sad, angry and happy. However, when anxiety turns into too much and too often happens to you, you should be wondering what is going on with you and need to know the cause of this excessive worry. The anxiety that is felt for no reason and very intense is an excessive anxiety that can make your quality of life decreases. In the meantime, perhaps you need to take a look at our website and see feminine energy dating on our website right now.

Anxiety disorders are usually also called anxiety disorder were classified as mental illness that will make a person always feel worried and nervous excessive. Anxiety is indeed the most visible and most common emotional disorder with the following symptoms as a sign:

Digestion is disrupted and usually will trigger back and forth to the bathroom;
even often feel the need to defecate.

A cold sweat.

Increased normal heart rate.

Muscles feel tense.

Hands feel cold.

Sleep disturbed.

Feel disturbed by the traumatizing experience in a sustainable way.

Appear obsessive thoughts that are difficult to control.

Often a nightmare.

Easy and often panic.

The emergence of excessive fear.

After knowing the symptoms, what is the cause of excessive anxiety?

1. Coffee / Caffeine Consumption

Some people who consume coffee or caffeine must have felt insomnia where anxiety was finally hit. Caffeine itself is a natural substance that if entered into the human body, then this caffeine will act as a stimulant in the metabolic system and human central nerves. Apparently, the American Psychological Association has examined the association between sleep disorders and excessive anxiety with the effects of caffeine.

When a person continues to be seized with anxiety, then automatically sleep will be disrupted. Both are likely to be the result of intake of caffeine into the body continuously or in the long term. This results in a sleep that can not feel good and even interfere with the normal pattern of the brain. Caffeine can cause anxiety where symptoms include frequent panic and obsessive behavior. It can even be exposed to psychological problems such as schizophrenia.

2. Stress from Work / School

Everyone must have felt the stress and pressure that can get where and from anywhere, such as stress in school for students or stress at work for those who are already working. Stress can arise when there is too much to do and time is not enough to do it all at once. Homework and office work, not to mention possible problems with school/work friends or teachers/superiors at the office will be able to cause excessive anxiety.

Children can also experience anxiety caused by parental treatment of themselves regarding school issues. In general, children tend to feel stressed and anxious in dealing with their overly critical and perfectionist parents. A real example is where many children are required by their parents to get the most value in the class.

Or, the child has to excel in order for his parents to be proud. But when the child cannot achieve it, or less, the child will be punished. Children who get less appreciation from their parents will be very easy to issue an anxious reaction.

3. Unfavorable Relationship with Family / Spouse

Not only in the workplace or school alone one can experience anxiety. Even at home can make a person feel depressed and feel anxious every time due to a problem with relatives or even a partner. Maybe for some people, the emergence of problems in the family or relationship with a partner is not a big problem to worry about all the time. But for some other people, bad relationships or problems with the nearest person can cause worry, anxiety, insomnia, and even pain.

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