The Right Tool To Clean The Dust On The Sofa Regularly


Minimalist house design is currently the choice of many people. Besides being simple and looking more efficient, this will fit perfectly into a modern urban atmosphere. However, we are often confused when we want to combine interior elements in the room, including the sofa. You can place the sofa wherever you want, especially as a complement in the living room, family room and bedroom. For how to make a sofa durable, then you need to clean the dirt and dust that sticks to the sofa regularly every day. And at least once a month you can use the services of steam star carpet cleaning to thoroughly clean your sofa and of course this will make your sofa like new again and smell good.

While cleaning the sofa every day, you can use a vacuum cleaner. In this case, you can buy a vacuum cleaner that has a hand grip or is portable so that it will be able to reach every narrow corner in your home. For fabric surfaces made of hairy material, you can choose a soft brush attached to the end of the vacuum cleaner. Start this job from the top to the bottom of the chair, from the left to the right.

Apart from cleanliness, you are still in the stage of selecting sofa furniture. We recommend that for those of you who are really looking for a sofa for the family room or to be placed in the bedroom, a sofa with a sleeper sofa type, this might be right for you. This type of sofa is quite multifunctional, where it can be used as a regular seat or as a comfortable bed when the sofa is spread out. This type of sofa will be very suitable for those of you who are living in an apartment or those of you who live in a house with a minimalist size

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