The Many Purposes Of PH Meters


The best pH meters can measure acidity levels more accurately than litmus paper. There are many pH meters with various types and functions on the market. In terms of type, there are compact and handy types of pH meters. Meanwhile, from its use, there are pH meters for liquids and there are ones for soil. Maybe some people are not familiar with the pH meter, but this tool has many purposes. For example, if you want to keep tropical fish in an aquarium, you will need a pH meter to maintain the acidity of the water. That way, the environmental conditions in the aquarium will be suitable for your pet fish.

If you have a hydroponic installation, a pH meter is useful for controlling the acidity of the water according to the type of plant. Not only water but a pH meter can also be used to measure the pH of the soil in your yard. That way, you can grow good quality fresh vegetables, even if only from your yard. In addition, in recent years, the mineral water industry is growing rapidly and many new products are emerging. Each producer certainly has a different water quality, so it is not uncommon for the pH to be different. The presence of a pH meter can help you determine the pH of mineral water products so that your health is maintained.

To make it easier for you to choose a pH meter, here are some factors to consider. Two types of pH meters can be used to measure water quality, namely the compact and handy types. The compact type has a long body shape making it easy to take measurements anywhere. This type is usually not waterproof although it can be used outdoors. So, you have to be careful because apart from the sensor for measuring water, other parts are not waterproof.

On the other hand, the handy type pH meter is equipped with a cable that is connected to the body. At the end of the cable, there is a detector to measure the pH of the sample. The long cable gives you more flexibility when you want to measure the pH of a sample, such as a river water or puddles.

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