Small bathrooms are more attractive with contrasting colors


There are many techniques to make a small room feel more spacious by adding some furniture or changing the layout in the bathroom. But it turns out there is another way to change a small bathroom by adding some contrasting colors to the one man and a brush so that it looks wider. Color refers to when combining two opposite colors such as black and white, not only colors but also patterns or textures. The advantages can make the room look more dramatic and formal. Combining two colors with similar and not too different color types such as light gray and white. The advantage of using a low color contrast is that it can make a small room look bigger and also has a calming effect, perfect for those of you who have a soft character.

If you feel that the bathroom at home looks too plain and boring, paint one of the bathroom walls a darker color. Paint a darker color on the upper half of the wall and leave the base color of the bathroom (egg white) on the lower half of the wall. It will look better if you use wood on the bathroom floor. Bathroom curtains are commonly used to cover shower areas such as showers or bathtubs. This curtain is used so that the water used for bathing does not wet the floor outside the area. These curtains usually have a variety of motifs and colors. You don’t have to choose light-colored motifs, but the combination of black and white can also make a bathroom look different. Made of plastic material makes this type of curtain easy to clean. Using neutral colors in the bathroom gives you many advantages in decorating.

You can replace accessories with different colors without having to repaint from scratch, but keep in mind not to use more than one color simultaneously because your bathroom has a small size.

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