Signs Your AC Have Problems Operating


If the AC unit has a problem, it will usually give a signal through a flashing indicator light. To find out where the damage is, it also needs to be examined directly by the fl air conditioning service. This damage can occur in the indoor unit and outdoor unit, and this also indicates that the air conditioner needs to be repaired immediately so that more severe damage does not occur.

To be able to operate to cool the room, of course, the AC requires electrical power according to its capacity. However, if suddenly the power needed increases and makes the electricity bill at home increase dramatically when using the AC, this could be a sign that the AC is having problems and needs to be serviced immediately. Usually, this is caused by a problem with the AC engine, namely high compressor amperage. Thus, the incoming electric power exceeds the maximum limit.

Furthermore, the AC that often turns off on its own is also a sign that the home air conditioner needs to be serviced immediately. This happens as a result of the thermistor component that is no longer able to maintain the temperature that we set via the remote. As a result, when the thermistor sensor is exposed to a little cold temperature, it has cut off the current to the compressor engine. Then, the air conditioner more often turns off (standby) before the room cools down or reaches the temperature we have previously set.

If the cold temperature produced by the air conditioner is inconsistent, aka sometimes cold sometimes not, this also includes the characteristics of the air conditioner that needs to be serviced. The causes vary, but usually, this is the result of the air conditioner not being vacuumed during the initial installation. If the initial installation was not vacuumed, the AC warranty cannot be claimed either. Therefore, choose a professional AC installation technician who runs the correct AC installation SOP.

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