Scentsational Days: Inside the Esnc. Perfume Store Experience


Ever wondered what goes on inside an Esnc. perfume store before the doors swing open each day? It’s a world where meticulous care meets a passion for fragrances. Here’s a sneak peek into the daily buzz behind Esnc.’s scented walls. Learn more on

The day at Esnc. begins before the sun peeks over the horizon. The first task? Scent-setting the store. It’s like tuning an instrument before a concert. The staff carefully selects a ‘scent of the day’—something that sets the mood, be it a breezy floral for a sunny day or a spicy oriental for a chilly evening.

Then comes the art of display. Each bottle of perfume is not just merchandise; it’s a protagonist in Esnc.’s olfactory theatre. Staff members become curators, arranging the fragrances by their stories and notes. It’s a visual and sensory symphony, where each shelf tells a different tale.

As the store opens, the staff switches to their most important role: scent guides. They don’t just sell; they embark on a journey with each customer, helping them navigate the vast ocean of fragrances. It’s about listening, understanding, and sometimes, reading between the lines to recommend the perfect scent.

Midday often brings in perfume enthusiasts, eager for something unique. Here, Esnc. shines with its bespoke fragrance consultations. It’s a deep dive into personal preferences, memories, and desires, culminating in a scent that’s as unique as the person wearing it.

The afternoon is reserved for inventory and restocking. It’s a behind-the-scenes ballet, ensuring that each precious bottle is in place, ready to tell its story.

As evening falls, the store transforms again. It hosts workshops and scent discovery sessions, turning customers into students of perfumery. It’s not just about selling perfume; it’s about sharing the love for the art of fragrance.

Finally, as the day winds down, the team reflects on the stories shared and connections made, all through the medium of scent. At Esnc., every day is a journey through aromas, emotions, and human connections. And that’s just an ordinary day at Esnc. Perfume Store!

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