Recording Laptop Screen, Observe How and Its Benefits


Many content creators and computer users need to know screen recording techniques or how to record laptops. Recording a laptop screen is needed so that the various methods in the guide can be understood by everyone who sees it. Take for example content creators who want to provide guidance in checking computer specifications. Of course it would be easier if the content creator recorded everything he did while checking the computer’s specifications with screen recording techniques. Find free screen recorder windows 10 on our website.

Not only content creators, as technology develops, students are often asked for assignments that require the participation of this PC screen recording tool. Luckily, there are currently many laptop screen recorder applications that can be used. But if you don’t want to bother downloading the app, there’s actually an even easier way. It’s just that this convenience is only found in Windows 10 users. On the other hand, if you use another Windows, you inevitably have to download the laptop screen recorder application that you want.

Users outside of Windows 10 don’t have the convenience of the built-in function of recording laptop screens. They can only take advantage of the various laptop screen recorder applications that are widely available. Here are some of them;

VLC Media Player
VLC is capable of displaying video formats such as MPEG, DivX, Ogg, and others. In addition, this application can also be used to play DVDs, VCDs, and CDs. Various other advantages, VLC can also be used as a third party to record video playback activities on the PC screen.

OBS Studio
Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) Studio is an application for YouTubers that provides a screen recording feature. OBS Studio has a simple interface and is quite easy to use. In addition to being a free screen recording software without a watermark, OBS Studio is an open source application that is widely used for live streaming activities.

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