Possessiveness and Jealousy


There is a tarot client at the psychic love advisor who shares a story with me. He is a man who is in a relationship with a woman, and in a long-distance relationship because they both work in different cities. At first, all went well, but in the end, this woman showed a possessive attitude in the relationship. Calls or chats that are not immediately picked up or answered will result in quarrels and explosive anger. Everything the woman did make the client lose her sense of comfort and feel like her personal zone was being messed with.

Possessiveness is anxiety that causes jealousy, whereas anxiety is just speculation from fears about something that hasn’t happened yet. For example, we see our partner sitting at the same table with the opposite sex but we have all kinds of thoughts. We imagine that they are having an affair, holding hands, and so on. Then we try to limit the movements of our partner, monitor and bind him, that’s called possessiveness.

While jealousy is an emotional feeling that we feel because we feel we have and are entitled. Both are not well applied to a relationship. Because it is easy to create suspicions that will cause conflict in relationships. Then it will create an unhealthy relationship for both of them.

So what if we fall into the possessive category or our partner is possessive, what should we do? Do not always follow the emotions that are in you, instill in yourself that this relationship will be fine. Try to talk well with your partner, whatever the problem, whatever the obstacles in your heart. Convince yourself that not everyone is the same, and not everyone will hurt us.

Because possessiveness is not good and only hurts yourself, it helps us to realize that everything in excess, including feelings, is not good for the future.

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