Perhaps You Must Know This Before Making A Video Mapping Performance


It turns out that it is not easy to create a work with technology mixed with art, such as video mapping. The meaning of video mapping is a multimedia technique that collaborates objects as a shooting medium for the visuals created. Like a shooting medium in a building that has an uneven texture, but can be made as realistic as real objects when the eye sees. Additionally, if you want to get the best video mapping performance for your party, you can call the 3D Projection Mapping Dubai.

Surely you have to find out first to become a reference in making work by developing ideas, such as doing research to make it easier to understand.

The thing to note is to look for ideas that are rarely thought of by other people to look for a different point of view, to attract the audience of the video mapping.

What is certain is that we research first, then we look for any items that we want to make. Based on the concept, then on to technical processing of graphics, for example, after-effects or adobe premiere for video processing. Now, after the video, we can adjust the object we want to shoot. For example, want to shoot buildings. Before we create the visuals, let’s take a photo to measure the size. We adjust the depth of the field to what we want to make.

Well, hereinafter referred to as set up, which is visual and media objects are arranged and estimated. Starting from the distance of the projector with the help of the resolume software. This application will tidy up the video size according to the building that will be displayed on the available video mapping. So that you can enjoy the long process of making the video mapping.

Furthermore, there must be a disciplinary war with oneself. The reason is that everyone can have an idea and everyone can think about what to make. However, to realize it all, you have to fight with yourself.

With the help of yourself earlier, it’s useless if, for example, thinking about anything serious and no matter how good. But if the implementation is not done, you will definitely lose to the discipline that you didn’t have in yourself earlier.

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