Multiple Trading Types


Trading activities have been going on since the 18th century. Over time, this activity is increasingly becoming popular among the public, especially in the current digital era. In fact, not a few people make this activity a livelihood, so they can work without going through the recruitment system. Before investing, you need to look at EminiFX Review.

There are several types of trading that are popularly carried out by activists in the financial world, namely:

1. Forex trading
Forex trading is trading foreign currency rates. As we know, the value of foreign currency always fluctuates at a certain time. To trade forex, you can exchange money at a money changer directly or online by depositing a certain amount of money first. The profit obtained from forex trading depends on the exchange rate of foreign currency with the currency we want. Forex trading is considered one of the most profitable. However, the risk is quite heavy.

2. Stock trading
Be careful not to confuse stock trading and stock investing. Both do contain the word stock, but the concept is different. Investopedia even calls the two very different things. Stock trading is the activity of buying and selling shares over a certain period of time, usually quite short. Meanwhile, stock investment can be summed up as a “saving” activity to earn profits from buying shares for the long term. To trade stocks, all you have to do is sell or buy them when price fluctuations occur. Your decision must be right to get capital gains or profit margins, especially when stock prices are soaring.

3. Binary trading
Just like another trading, binary trading activities cannot be separated from buying and selling. However, this trade is considered very risky even though it can also produce large profits. Most of the time, binary trading is a scam. Usually, this type of trading is found in horse racing gambling transactions or football matches. To make this trade, we have to set a target and risk some money. If the target is achieved, there will be big profits. However, if you miss, you will experience a loss.

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