Mixed Martial Arts Artisan Sihinya Aoki


Shinya may be a teacher at Evolve Mixed Martial Arts in Singapore on a seasonal basis. A Black Belt in each Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Judo, he’s a 4x ONE Championship light-weight World Champion. He was conjointly the DREAM FC light-weight World Champion. Shinya is wide considered the #1 pound-for-pound MMA fighter in Asia. He brings over twenty years of martial arts expertise to Evolve MMA, competitive at the best levels within the world. he’s presently the highest BJJ Black Belt in Japan, and he has won each major BJJ tournament in Japan.

For MMA, Shinya Aoki’s best fights of all time has won every major title in Japan together with Shooto, DEEP, and DREAM. A veteran of fifty six skilled MMA fights, Shinya Aoki cre

Shinya Aoki’s best fights of all time

ated his professional debut in 2003 and holds a decent 46-9 (1) record with championship titles command in One FC, Shooto and Dream FC. regardless of the outcome, the 37-year-old has fought a number of his generation’ best fighters and holds wins over legends Kazushi Sakuraba, Eddie Alvarez, Caol Uno and Tatsuya Kawajiri. Learn more about Shinya Aoki’s best fights of all time on our website.

Shinya Aoki may be a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and sport fighter. He’s a grappling immoderate specialist who doesn’t place a stress on different aspects of MMA. Aoki’ grappling artistry and unorthodox submission techniques have attained him the nickname ‘Tobikan Judan’ which suggests ‘grandmaster of flying submissions.’ thirty of Aoki’ forty six skilled wins have come back by means of submission. Shinya Aoki’s best fights of all time was the second ever fighter to win by a gogoplata choke in MMA once he defeated Joachim Hansen in 2006, and is that the solely fighter to own 2 wins by gogoplata in MMA. One in all the items that we have a tendency to like to watch in combat sports may be a show of respect between fighters when the fight is over. Shinya Aoki isn’t somebody who provides reference to their opponents once it’s due. Aoki has been criticised by the MMA community for unsporting behavior within the event of a win.

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