Knowing How To Do The Installation Of Electric Grounding


Doing electrical wiring is an important thing to do. Of course, you need to make sure that you do the installation the right way. Not only in terms of installation, but also in abandoned cable removal, make sure to do it right. Meanwhile, for those of you who want to install electrical cables in the form of electrical grounding, then you are in the right article. For the existence of electrical grounding in a dwelling, it is very important to prevent interference in electrical installations. The disturbance can be in the form of an electric current leak or a lightning strike. And for how to install home electrical grounding, you can see below.

First, you need to know the planting point. Actually, in this case there is no standard regarding the ideal number of grounding rods that are planted in one house. However, the more you plant the grounding rod, the better the electrical installation in your home will be. Then, avoid planting grounding rods on sandy or rocky soil. The market, sandy and rocky soil types are not good at neutralizing electricity. Second, you have to do parallel installation. So the installation of home electrical grounding must be done in parallel. If planting more than one grounding rod, keep the planting distance of about five meters between one grounding rod and another.

Third, you can choose a good grounding rod material. The best grounding rod material is made of solid copper that is not easy to rust. To plant a grounding rod, we must first dig the soil. Make sure the depth of the excavation made is more than 50 cm. After that, plant the grounding rod into the soil. Pour water into the dug hole so that the soil becomes soft. Then, press the grounding rod firmly into the ground.

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