Know Some Terms In Card Magic


Card magicians, we often find on the street or in public places. This shows, there are still many people who are interested in card magic tricks. You may also have seen gold coast magician in action in your area. There are several terms in card magic, here are the explanations:

• Shuffles. Shuffle the cards or shuffle the positions of the cards.
• False Cutting. Shuffle is done without changing the position of the card.
• Forcing. Forcing the spectator to take a card that the magician previously knew.
• Keys. Using a previously known card as a token of the spectator’s chosen card.
• Fast hands. Using hand speed in card magic.
• Double Lifts. Take two cards as if it were only one card.
• Suggestion. Divert the viewer’s gaze to the card by issuing suggestions.
• Gimmicks. A card trick that can only be done in certain card decks.

Besides friends, you must know about the term card magic, you also have to know a little about the terminology in the world of magic. So that you are not only limited to knowing magic tricks to remove cards or other card magic tricks. In addition, there is another thing called terminology. What are they?

Terminology in Card Magic
• Cardician. The skill of playing cards to be able to find the selected card, eliminate the card, change the card, etc.
• Balloon Twisting. The ability to blow and bend balloons to form various objects such as animals, flowers, hats, and others.
• Bizarre. The skill of using stories and words to deeply touch the audience’s feelings.
• Close-up magic. Close range magic lap
• Escapology. The skill of freeing oneself from various ties and fetters under various circumstances over a period of time.
• Mentalism. A skill which is a special power to be able to predict, find, change, move, etc., an object, often based on mathematical, physical, chemical, psychological principles and can be explained logically.
• Pick Pocket. The ability to “move” things that are owned or used by others, but only as entertainment and does not intend to steal.
• Sleight of hand. A game that relies on the speed of the magician’s hand to remove and bring up an object
• Ventriloquism. This skill is better known as voice magic or belly voice, which gives the impression that dolls/objects can live and talk.

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