Kinds of Good and Durable Sticker Material


Stickers as promotional tools and decorations have been widely used by the public for a long time, ranging from simple ones such as logo stickers, Custom Stickers, to cutting stickers that are more complex to make. This is very common because stickers have cheap and affordable production costs than you have to pay for painting, for example, or pay for craftsmen or other decoration needs.

In addition to affordable costs, sticker installation is also relatively easy and fast, and fairly practical because it can be installed just like that without using additional tools such as nails, bolts, and so on. Not only that, stickers also have a variety of very diverse types of materials ranging from quality, durability, and flexibility which are intended for different uses. Generally, the sticker materials available in the market use only two types of materials, namely paper-based and synthetic or artificial-based, and both have different segments and uses.

Paper stickers that use HVS paper or glossy paper are generally more appropriate for naming needs (labels), stickers that are to be distributed to many people, or stickers that are mostly used indoors. Some common examples of stickers that use this paper material among others, are HVS stickers, chromo stickers, and bontax stickers which have high adhesion compared to others.

Synthetic Sticker Material
The synthetic sticker material is commonly used for branding, promotion, or striping decal needs, billboards, and so on, because this sticker material is very elastic, waterproof, and the color doesn’t fade easily. Several types of stickers that belong to this type of synthetic sticker are Vinyl sticker material and also Yupo, which are widely used even though the production costs will be much more expensive than those using paper materials.

Other Sticker Material
Although generally the two types of sticker materials are widely used, there are several types of materials that do not belong to both, but their use is usually more specific.

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