It’s About The Basics Of Architectural Landscape


Landscape architecture is an art or science that is used to organize, design, plan, and arrange natural and artificial elements to create a new, aesthetic, and functional environment. Landscape architectural planning can include many things, such as residential landscapes, hotel, and office building landscapes, to city landscapes. So if we look at the beautiful garden in the housing complex, the urban forest on the corner of the road, it is part of the landscape architecture. Additionally, if you wish to hire experts in landscaping, we recommend you go to right away.

The role of the architectural landscape

One of the important roles of landscape architects is to organize and improve the preservation of the surrounding environment. Just imagine if we live or are in an environment surrounded by green gardens full of grass, flowers, and trees that are cool and beautiful. Then there is the pool and the biodiversity of both flora and flora that live in it. Surely it will be very fun and relaxing, right? Therefore, in broad outline, landscape architecture can improve the quality of life of the people around it.

Building architects and landscape architects

These two professions, both building architects and landscape architects complement each other. For example, in a housing project, the architect plays a role in designing the buildings in the housing, such as houses, shophouses, multipurpose buildings, and so on. Meanwhile, landscape architects focus on planning outside areas around buildings, such as parks, ponds, play areas, jogging areas, and others. Here we can see the role of landscape architects that are needed to plan designs that can complement and beautify the area around the building. Without landscape architecture designed by landscape architects, maybe an environment will feel less alive.

Calculation of the required costs

There are several methods commonly used in calculating the cost of landscape architect services, some of which are through percentages and land area calculations. For the percentage method, the architect’s service price is determined by calculating a percentage of the total approved budget plan.

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