Interesting Facts About The Independence Of The Land Of Uncle Sam


The tradition of patriotic celebrations became more widespread after the war in 1812, wherein in 1870, the United States Congress made the 4th of July the birthday of their independence or now known as a federal holiday. In 1941, the provisions were expanded to provide paid vacation days to federal employees. Thus, the political importance of the national holiday will decrease, but Independence Day remains an important national holiday and a symbol of patriotism. Falling in the middle of summer makes for a pretty good holiday to focus more on recreational activities and family gatherings, of course involving fireworks and outdoor barbecues. Even on the independence day of Uncle Sam’s country, many fashion designers designed the flag of the United States of America, with additional designs showing UltimateFlags.

In addition to the flag of the United States, the most common symbol on holidays is the accompaniment of public music which is indeed the national anthem of the United States of America. Exactly in 2021 on July 4, in the capital city of Washington DC, the President of the United States, namely Joe Biden, celebrated by inviting many workers from the essential sector to celebrate together at the White House. In addition, President Joe Biden also held a fireworks display, which can be seen clearly from the national mall. Uniquely, history says about the independence of Uncle Sam’s country or the United States was not set on July 4, but this should have been done 2 days before that date.

The American Congress of 13 colonies passed a resolution on American independence on July 2 by voting. (And of the 13 colonies, there were 12 who agreed to the independence.) Because some disagreed, they found a solution to put aside the debate and prefer to unite with a common goal, and July 4th became the date the voting results were adopted.

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