Ingredients and Chemicals You Can Use for Cleaning Crusty Floors.


Actually, you can clean your simple minimalist home tile floor by using a mixture of ingredients. In the meantime, if you’re too busy to clean your tiles on your own, just call the excellent carpet cleaning sydney.

The following are the ingredients used, namely:

Clean ceramics with vinegar

Ways that can be done to clean ceramics using vinegar is quite easy. First, fill the spray bottle using vinegar. When finished, spray on a large amount of crusty ceramic floor. Let stand for about 10 minutes.

Then, flush the floor using hot water. Let stand and wait for the hot water and vinegar to blend together.

With this method, steam rising from the hot water will help dissolve the surface affected by dirt and crust. Flush the floor again using hot water for about two minutes.

Next, wipe the ceramic using a wet sponge. After finishing, the floor is then dried using a towel.

The final step is to put a tablespoon of car wax on a wet sponge that has been used previously. Apply the car wash to the ceramic floor that has been cleaned by doing a circular motion. This material serves to restore the ceramic flash that has faded.

Clean the ceramics with chlorine

First of all, flush the crust or the part of the ceramic that is blackened due to exposure to dirt by using hot water.

Next, sprinkle chlorine on the crusty floor surface and want to be cleaned evenly.

After sowing, wait for about half an hour and after that rinse using clean water.

Clean the ceramic with citric acid

The first step you take to clean the ceramic using citric acid is to rub the crust several times using a mixture of soapy water. This crust is rubbed not using a brush but using pumice. When finished, rinse using clean water.

Next, sprinkle citric acid on the part you want to clean. Let the citric acid work for about one hour. After finishing, brush and flush the floor using clean water. Make sure citric acid is completely gone and the floor is really clean.

The final step, you can wipe the floor using the dry cloth provided. The floor can then be reused.

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