How To Overcome The Most Effective And Easy Clogged Paralon Pipe


Have you ever seen water pooling in the sink and can’t get into the drains? This could be a sign that the plumbing is clogged because something is clogged. How to deal with clogged pipes is quite easy by using items at home. The blockage of the drainpipe is certainly very disturbing. This makes you unable to brush your teeth, take a shower, wash your motorbike, and so on. Obstruction of water channels, making the disposal of dirty water is also hampered. As a result, water can pool in the sink or bathroom floor. How to deal with clogged drains is actually quite easy, without having to call miracle rooter.

1. Using Plastic Rolls and Ropes
You can use ropes and plastic bags at home to deal with clogged pipes. The first step is to run the pipe with water and let it sit for a few minutes. After that, make a roll-out of a plastic bag. You can adjust the size of the roll to the size of the pipe.

Then, tie the coil with string and thread it through the pipe until it reaches the end of the pipe. After that, pull the plastic roll. When the plastic roll is pulled, the dirt that sticks to the pipe will also be pulled up. Use a strong rope so as not to break when pulled up.

2. How to Overcome a Clogged Paralon Pipe Using Baking Soda
Baking soda is also very effective for cleaning dirt stuck to the pipe. Baking soda contains chemicals that can destroy the dirt that clogs the pipes. How to deal with clogged pipes using caustic soda is quite easy.

The first step, prepare hot water to trigger the caustic soda reaction. You should also use gloves and a face mask to avoid the bad effects of using caustic soda. One of the bad effects, the skin can blister when exposed to caustic soda. When ready, pour the caustic soda on the pipe. After that, slowly pour hot water into the pipe. While doing this process, stop using the sink for five to six hours.

This is so that the caustic soda works optimally to clean the dirt that clogs the pipes. After six hours, flush the pipe with running water.

3. Using Coarse Sand
You can also use coarse sand as a clogged pipe cleaner. The first step to fix a clogged drain pipe, drain the pipe with water. Then pour two handfuls of sand into the pipe. After that, insert the compressor hose and close the hole. Set the compressor to high pressure. Finally, re-open the airflow of the pipe so that the dirt is lifted from the pipe.

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