How To Clean Carpet


Not all carpets have the same material and type, some carpets will fade when washed. For this reason, before washing the carpet, first, make sure the type of carpet you have, and whether the carpet will fade when washed or not. Or use professional service like carpet care specialists. This is needed so that later you can adjust how the carpet will be washed later.

The way to clean carpets with water, the first is to follow the instructions for mixing a special carpet cleaner or shampoo that you have previously purchased at the store. Another way is that you can add a few bottle caps of liquid dish soap to a bucket filled with warm water. Keep in mind not to use hot water when washing the carpet because it can cause the color on the carpet to fade or shrink the carpet fibers. Before you use a carpet cleaner, it’s a good idea to test the fastness of the carpet with a store-bought cleaner by washing a small area in the corners of the carpet to see the color.

If the carpet does not fade, clean your carpet using a brush or sponge with the shampoo you purchased. Scrub the carpet until it foams, then let the shampoo solution sit on the carpet for a few minutes before rinsing. After letting the carpet sit for a few minutes, then you can wash the carpet by rinsing the carpet using a water hose. Spray evenly and make sure that your carpet is completely clean by removing soap suds that stick to the carpet.

After spraying the carpet using a water hose, there will be a lot of water left on the carpet. Therefore, you can use a rubber cleaner or a squeegee. Squeegees are commonly used to clean windows, but you can also use this tool to absorb water on the carpet. Press the squeegee as hard as you can into your carpet and then pull the squeeze to release the water. After you wash the carpet and absorb the water in the carpet, you can dry the carpet in the sun until it is completely dry. Check each side of the carpet, if the top side of the carpet is completely dry, then you can turn the bottom side of the carpet and wait again until the carpet is completely dry.

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