Holiday Safe and Stay Cool in the New Normal Era


Along with the re-opening of various tourist attractions in Indonesia because it has entered the new normal era. The desire to travel and vacation, even more, can not be suppressed anymore. Especially for those of you who spend too long at home alone. Whether it’s for work to study. Taking a vacation or traveling in the new normal era is fine. But because it’s still a pandemic season and the threat of contracting the coronavirus is still potentially high wherever you are. If your tourist destination is not too far away and can be reached by driving your private vehicles such as a car or motorbike, it is better to use a private vehicle or rent a car from a range rover for hire.

This is to prevent you from being exposed to the virus from public transportation. As we all know, taking public transportation means that you don’t know the condition of the passengers there whether they are healthy or not. And also usually public transportation such as trains and buses can contain more than 50 passengers, which means the risk of transmission is also higher. If you are forced to use public transportation, make sure to continue to wear a mask and face shield, don’t take off your gloves, and always wash your hands with hand sanitizer every time you touch something. It’s better not only to understand and understand the existing health protocols but also to know tips or other safe ways to take a vacation for more protection during the holidays. To avoid physical contact as much as possible, it’s a good idea to take advantage of the internet or digital technology every time you make a transaction during your trip.

For example, doing online check-in for planes, hotels with applications where hotel bookings are made. Paying for tickets, hotels, or any other necessities digitally, be it by e-money or e-wallet if facilities are provided. If forced to pay using cash or credit card directly, make sure to use gloves so they don’t come into direct contact. When we will stop anywhere, be it restaurants, shopping places or street snacks. We do not know who and how many people have touched, sat, or held the same thing that we are holding while in that place.

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