Here’s The Trick To Choose The Right Pipe For The Plumbing At Home


Water pipes are an undeniable element of the house. Its existence is needed as a means for the passage of water. Starting from the disposal of liquid waste from the inside out, to running clean water from one center to various corners of the house. Because of its very vital role, it should not be careless to choose a water pipe. Make sure you have the right water pipe, with the quality that suits your needs for the water supply at home. The goal is that the water pipe is durable, not worrying about having to disassemble it because something is leaking or damaged. If that happened to your pipe, we suggest you call the MIRACLE ROOTER service.

Here are some tips that can be a provision so that you don’t make the wrong choice of pipes at home:

Know the Type of Pipe Required

There are many types of water pipes on the market. However, for households, most consumers use PVC pipes and HDPE pipes. The reason for using PVC is that it is light in weight because it is made of plastic, but it is strong and hard. Because they can’t be bent, PVC pipes need joints.

Meanwhile, HDPE is the development of PE pipe. The texture is more elastic and easy to bend. This type of pipe is marketed in long coils and does not require many fittings.

Know the Pipe Specifications Required

Before buying you should know what pipe is needed. In addition, do not hesitate to try the pipes that will be used. Be sure to test the flexibility of the HDPE pipe purchased.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy PVC pipes. Of course, every time you buy a water pipe, you must also adjust the budget. If it feels more appropriate, buying PVC pipes is certainly more profitable than forcing the budget for HDPE pipes.

In addition, also distinguish the use of pipes according to size. The pipe for clean water is smaller in diameter than the sewage pipe. For clean water, use a diameter of 0.5 to 1.5 inches, while for dirty water 2.3 to 4 inches, as needed.

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