Get to know Whipped Cream and Processing Methods for Beautiful and Delicious Cakes


Various ordinary cakes become more delicious and interesting when combined with whipped cream or whipped cream. Call it rolls, eclairs, cupcakes, and various types of butter cake. Everything feels incomplete without cream with a savory taste and melts on the tongue. Whipped cream itself can be had by using cream chargers for sale. That is why many people are not familiar with how to process it even though they are used to eating it. The following will explain all the sundries about whipped cream that can help us when dealing with this one ingredient.

Liquid whipped cream can be found in the chiller section of the supermarket.

The main ingredient is the milking head. Just beat the liquid whipped cream in a cold state until it thickens. This type of whipped cream has a better taste than the powder version. But unfortunately, it melts faster when placed at room temperature. The whipped cream powder is made from non-dairy products. Non-dairy means made from vegetable fats such as palm oil. When going to use, the powder needs to be shaken with ice water. The amount of water is twice that of the powder. This type of whipped cream has the advantage of not melting quickly at room temperature. That’s why whipped cream powder is more widely used in tropical countries.

Whipped cream powder and liquid have the same user because the texture and taste are also the same. Both should be used for soft textured cakes such as sponge cake, chiffon cake, or cotton cake. The soft texture of this cake can be obtained from the use of a lot of egg yolks. For whipped cream powder, its use can be varied. Just add a variety of other ingredients to create a variety of cream. Whipped cream needs the right time when whipped. If it’s too long, the whipped cream will break, especially the liquid one. The key is to beat the whipped cream until it’s fluffy, stiff, and doesn’t spill when flipped. If you want to add other ingredients, mixing should be done using a spatula. If you want to shake it, just shake it briefly.

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