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This blue gradation is suitable for open spaces. On the walls, you can paint them with a slightly lighter dark blue color. Meanwhile, for the floor, use easier blue paint. Well, because it is an open concept, later the two blue gradations will be complemented by the shade of the blue sky. Blue gradations are presented through curtains and various cushions or sofa cushions with different color levels. If you want to give a cool and luxurious impression, it is highly recommended that you use dark blue gradations with several color levels. This spacious living room manages to present a blue color gradation with a luxurious impression. Starting from the curtains, sofas, carpets that were washed using quick drying carpet cleaning, even the decorations were all blue. Of course, this creates a unique color gradation that makes the residents of the house feel at home. Not to forget, the luxurious impression is also more prominent thanks to the addition of gold color elements in minimalist and space-saving furniture.

Generally, kitchen sets are multifunctional and can make the room space-saving, especially if there are a lot of drawers. You can make the kitchen set as a place for spices, a place for cooking utensils, and of course a place to put cutlery. Well, you can apply cool pastel blue gradations to the kitchen set to eliminate the impression of heat in the kitchen. Use light blue with a medium tone for the kitchen set and combine it with a light pastel blue color on the kitchen wall to create a sweet impression. A room with a Japanese concept doesn’t have to be entirely wooden. You can also use blue gradations as a key so that the room looks more spacious and minimalist. The blue graduation doesn’t have to fill the entire wall. You just need to add blue with several levels on one side of the wall. Meanwhile, the rest you can use white color to still highlight the Japanese design.
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