Feasts & Atolls: The Gourmet Journey Through Maldives Resorts


Talk about the Maldives, and it’s hard not to be swept away by visuals of pristine beaches and ethereal overwater bungalows. But amidst the blues and whites, there’s a rainbow of flavors waiting to be discovered! Maldives resorts are not just a haven for beach lovers but also a paradise for food enthusiasts. Let’s embark on a mouth-watering tour of Maldivian cuisine at these luxury island resorts.

1. Subterranean Delights at Conrad Maldives Rangali Island
Delve 16 feet below sea level to Ithaa, the world’s first all-glass underwater restaurant. Here, savor Maldivian lobster or reef fish curry as you watch the marine ballet of colorful fish and graceful manta rays. It’s an immersive dining journey, both for the palate and the eyes!

2. Beach BBQ at Baros Maldives
Imagine the scent of freshly grilled seafood wafting through the air, mingling with the salty ocean breeze. Baros lets you indulge in a beach barbecue experience where the sand is your floor, the stars your ceiling, and Maldivian tuna steak the showstopper.

3. Traditional Fare at Soneva Fushi’s “Down to Earth”
Experience Maldivian cuisine in its authentic glory! Delight in dishes like Mas Huni (a coconut & tuna salad) and Bis Keemiya (a local spring roll). Paired with traditional Maldivian music in the background, it’s a sensory fiesta!

4. Overwater Elegance at Joali Maldives
Perched on stilts above the shimmering waters, the resort’s overwater restaurant combines modern culinary techniques with traditional Maldivian flavors. Think coconut risotto and curry-infused sashimi. It’s where tradition meets innovation.

5. Floating Breakfast at Milaidhoo Island
Breakfast is an experience at Milaidhoo. Relish a floating breakfast in your private villa pool. From traditional Maldivian pancakes called ‘Roshi’ to fresh tropical fruits, it’s a delightful start to your day.

6. Organic Odyssey at Six Senses Laamu
Committed to sustainability, this resort offers an organic dining experience at its garden restaurant. Fresh produce is plucked from their garden, ensuring that your Maldivian curry is as fresh as it gets!

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