ERP Software for Wholesalers and Distributors


Although wholesalers and distributors are crucial for the entire supply chain process, they are rarely given attention by some ERP software vendors. Although there are many distribution ERP software that can meet the needs of manufacturers and retailers, only a few are able to fulfill the needs of the wholesale and distribution industry such as acumatica los angeles.

Wholesale and distribution exist between manufacturers and retailers in a supply chain. Simply put, wholesale is a business that fulfills the enlargement of retailers by bulk buying of goods or products from suppliers. Meanwhile, distribution acts as an intermediary between manufacturers and retailers by providing additional services such as providing sales value to products, taking an active role in product sales and promotion, and processing product return. But in fact, the line between wholesalers and distribution is not always clear, and it is not uncommon for wholesalers to also provide distribution services and vice versa. This is why many wholesaler companies call themselves “wholesale distributors”.

Manufacturing or retail ERP software usually does not cover the needs of wholesalers and distribution because they require a wide range of functionality in several areas that are not found in manufacturing and retail businesses. The following 3 main components that every distribution ERP software must-have, namely:

Distribution Management Process

Supply Chain Management: This process is a process of managing all business operations between suppliers, manufacturers, wholesale, distributors, retailers, and customers.

Back Office Operations: You will know that the following functionality is very common and required for business management.
Financial Application
Accounting Application
Human Resources.

With distribution ERP software, you can get great advantages and benefits so that it can help your business grow without significant obstacles. Want to know other advantages offered by the Acumatica Cloud ERP distribution ERP software? Visit our website right now and get the best Acumatica Cloud ERP service.

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