Different Frequency For Different Results


Over the centuries, brain wave therapy is like bitspirit.space Inspire3 Zen12 has been associated with several benefits. The brain waves commonly used for this therapy are grouped into 5 types, namely the Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, and Gamma frequencies. Each frequency has different physiological effects and achieves different results. Each frequency has a certain power to trigger your state of mind to get a specific result.

Delta wave range 1-4 Hz; This frequency can help in promoting restful sleep. Delta also plays a big role in boosting the immune system to facilitate natural healing. Theta waves have a frequency that ranges from 4-8 Hz. This frequency serves to relax and improve memory. This frequency is the best frequency for meditating. Even writers, inventors, artists, musicians, in creating their works use these Theta waves to be able to focus on their work. (but in general, for us, the focus condition is when we are in Alpha or Low Beta level).

Alpha waves have for years been the most popular frequency used for Brainwave Entrainment (Brainwave Therapy Music). Alpha can promote light relaxation and positive thinking and is often used to increase ‘super learning abilities’. Beta waves have a frequency of 12-16 Hz to help increase the standard state of alertness. The standard of our brain waves in dealing with daily activities is this wave. The last is the Gamma wave (16-100 Hz). Gamma is a Brain Wave that occurs when a person experiences very high mental activity, for example being in a competition arena, fighting for a championship, appearing in public, being very panicked, and scared.

The benefits of brainwave entrainment have been debated by many experts, and after a long study, the effects as mentioned below have been identified. Firstly, brainwave therapy helps in meditation with the use of low frequencies such as Delta, Theta, and Alpha. These low waves trigger a sense of relaxation which ultimately allows for uninterrupted meditation.

As observations and research, after a series of audio brain wave therapy uses, the brain’s ability to learn has increased. In addition, research shows that children usually in the Theta stage can provide detailed explanations to their level of ability, can learn quickly, and easily remember what they have learned. As with the previous research and observations, we (adults) can take advantage of the Alpha and Theta waves to learn new things faster, less time, and thought-consuming.

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