Demonstrate Effective Leadership


As a leader, you must apply clear rules and boundaries. Team members will ignore you if you are unable to balance authority and good attitude. When announcing the rules, explain to all team members how important they are. Instead of shouting, “Don’t waste paper,” tell the team, “Print the documents that are really needed. Stationary costs continue to increase so company profits decline.” You can go to and see some ways to be the best leader.

Take a firm decision, instead of doubting yourself. Convey the decision decisively, but don’t be authoritarian. Before making a decision, gather as much information as possible, listen to various opinions from team members, and invite them to discuss. If the opportunity for discussion is over, take a firm decision. For example, you and your friends are debating to decide what activities to do tonight. When team members argue with each other and reject the ideas put forward, someone stands up and says, “Friends, the action that needs to be taken is _____” Leaders are able to read situations when the team needs to be directed and then make the most appropriate decisions.

Although leaders may make their own decisions, sometimes, you need to ask for input from the team. Be flexible and ready to change decisions if you get new information.

Delegate tasks and explain job descriptions to team members in as much detail as possible. Don’t underestimate the existence of the team or complete all the tasks yourself. When distributing tasks to team members, share your expectations in detail and provide the necessary training. Thus, you will lead a team that can be trusted and relied on because each member is able to work well. When giving training to team members, do the task you want to teach while explaining each step from start to finish. Accompany him when he starts working and give feedback in a polite manner if he makes a mistake.

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