Choice Of Soundcard Or Audio Interface


We must know this because recording without a soundcard is impossible. Because it is impossible for audio to enter the software and be recorded without going through this soundcard. While the quality of the soundcard such as apogee duet 3 vs. will certainly greatly affect the audio quality recorded later. If the soundcard is good, then the recorded audio is also good. And vice versa.

There are several types of Audio Soundcards:

1. Sound Card On-Board Computer
This is a soundcard that must be on every computer/laptop. But of course, the input that comes in and is recorded will be of low quality and bad. Avoid using a soundcard except in times of emergency and needed with limited equipment.

2. External Sound Card
There are so many well-known brands that have quality in terms of soundcards. However, the author recommends using the Focusrite brand, which has been in the world of audio recording interfaces since 1985. The advantage of this soundcard is the quality results with 24-bit audio depth and 96KHz frequency. Guaranteed clear and quality recorded sound.

There are 2 kinds of Soundcard Recording options:
a. via USB port (v 2.0)
b. via Firewire 400/800

The advantages of USB are portable, on every computer, and cheap. However, it is slower and has big latency (read: post audio driver & latency) so it feels a bit slow.

While the advantages of Firewire are: fast data transfer, latency close to 0, and facilitating the process of monitoring recording. However, the price is more expensive and the installation is a bit complicated.

Select which one?
Just as needed. If it’s serious for a professional commercial recording studio, it’s better to use Firewire. While USB is more suitable for Home Recording or small projects with bandmates, for example.

For Home Recording as well, the author recommends the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 type which is very portable and has 2 audio channel inputs and 2 monitor audio outputs at a price of around 1.8 million (according to the dollar exchange rate). Very adequate for home recording needs, assuming you only record guitar and vocal guides or 2 vocals at once. How about drums? We think that using MIDI drums is already very satisfying. For your information, almost 80% of the songs we listen to use MIDI drums, which sound better, are easy to customize, and have a very accurate tempo.

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