Benefits Of Whipping Cream For Food

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Whipping cream or whipped cream is a cream made from the process of beating mixed products until the cream expands and has a soft texture. Whipping Cream can also make contemporary foods and drinks look more tempting and attractive. In addition to decorations to cake fillings, whipping cream is also suitable to complete the appearance of desserts and drinks. As a result, the dish becomes more delicious and more beautiful. This is a cream made from the process of beating mixed products until the cream expands and has a soft texture. You can get whipped cream dispenser from best nangs.

Whipping cream in powder form is processed to get more results by using full cream milk at a temperature of 3-6 degrees Celsius. The result can help improve the creamy, milky, and mouthfeel taste. For maximum fluffy results, you can use Whipped Cream Powder. A serving suggestion is to beat on a low speed mixer for one minute. Then continue at high speed for three minutes or until stiff.

Whipped cream powder is ready to be created as a decoration, filling, topping, or dessert box. Whipping cream powder has a relatively long shelf life. Before opening the shelf life can be up to 24 months, but after opening it can reach 12 months. How to store it is also quite easy, you only need in a dry and cool place with a temperature of 20-25 degrees Celsius, protected from direct sunlight, and a strong smell. When the whipping cream that is made is left over and wants to be reused. You only need to cover the storage area with plastic wrap. After that it is stored in the refrigerator at a temperature of 8-15 degrees Celsius.

How to fix overwhipped cream is to mix it with cream that has not been whipped at all. Then, the mixture is gently shaken again. After being whipped, the cream will be fluffy again as before. In composition, generally whipped cream is thick cream from cow’s milk fat. Meanwhile, buttercream is made from margarine, butter, or shortening. Buttercream has a sweeter taste because there are flavors from powdered sugar, powdered milk, or sweetened condensed milk. Meanwhile, whipped cream tastes lighter and tends to be bland or savory. In terms of texture, whipped cream melts more easily at room temperature. Meanwhile, buttercream is stronger and can be used to decorate cakes with more detailed frosting techniques.

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