Benefits of Playing Solitaire, Accompanying Solitude in Free Time


For those of you who had a lot of free time in the 90s and 2000s, you must have at least tried this default game from the Microsoft Windows operating system. Besides Solitaire there are also other games such as Minesweeper, Hearts, and FreeCell. Do you know? Solitaire in Windows is not just a game to pass the time. There is a special mission embedded in it. Not just as a complement to your solitude when you’re out of bed. You cna also try teen patti game.

Solitaire first appeared on Windows 3.0, which was released in 1990. Meanwhile, at that time there were still many users who had difficulty using the mouse because they were not used to it. From there, games were created that could make users more flexible and used to it. Then came Solitaire.

Likewise Minesweeper and FreCell also carry the same mission, so that users can also learn to use the mouse. The hope is that by playing Solitaire, you can all learn how to right-click, left-click, and also drag and drop. Minesweeper to improve cursor speed and accuracy. FreeCeel to familiarize users with interacting online with other users. If Hearts was created to test data processing systems.

At that time the mouse on the computer was still using the ball, not optics as it is today. That’s why many computer users still have difficulty moving the mouse because they are not used to it. So we can be more flexible to operate the mouse in a fun way, right? So since then this game of Solitaire is always in the starter pack of any version of Windows.

Each game has different rules and of course we have to follow the instructions and rules to complete the game. Moreover, playing games that have time, if you don’t know the instructions then you can run out of time. You can even fall behind and lose continuously. If you are used to following the instructions that apply, this can have an effect on your daily life. Learning to understand and follow the rules makes you more disciplined. For example, you have to wake up early and obey the rules so you don’t be late for class. Or you have to do the assignments given according to the instructions given by the teacher at school.

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