Avoid Placing The Rug In Direct Sunlight


There are various types of rugs or models and of course, these have different prices. When you choose a good quality rug at an expensive price, then of course your goal is to want the rug you choose to be durable and durable. However, you need to know that the durability of a rug can not only be measured by its high price, you also need to clean the dirt on the rug every day, especially if the carpet cleaning sydney is used every day. Not only that, but the placement of the rug must also be correct. It is undeniable that adequate lighting is needed to kill bacteria or germs on the rug. But of course, don’t get me wrong, the heat of the sun can reduce the durability of some of the furniture in your home, such as sofas and rugs

That is why, it is better if you want to take care of your rugs, then you should be able to avoid placing rugs in direct sunlight. Due to the exposure from direct sunlight to the rug, this can make the color of your rug fade.This will cause the sofa skin to tear. So, if you want to place sofas and rugs with natural light sources, then you should use transparent curtains on the windows to protect your sofas and rugs from direct sunlight.

In addition to sunlight, you also need to pay attention to the cleanliness of the rugs. Make sure you always do a thorough washing or cleaning every month, but for a rug that is placed in a place that has high human activity, it’s better if you wash it every two weeks to ensure that no germs and dirt stick to your rug. Rug Cleaning Sydney service can be your choice to simplify your task in doing the thorough washing of your rugs.

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