A Lost Surf Board From Hawaii Is Found At A Beach In Philippine


A man who lost his favorite surfboard while surfing in Hawaii. However, his surfboard was found 8000 kilometers from Hawaii, namely in the Philippines. Doug Falter, a photographer, and surfer said he lost his board in Waimea Bay, Oahu, Hawaii in February 2018. He said After fighting so many waves, he was finally swept away and the board was lost after the rope slipped from his ankle around 18:00. However, a few weeks ago he was astonished to find a surfboard manufacturer sharing a post about a man who found the same board he had lost. The surfboard was found about 8000 kilometers away from where he went missing. Additionally, before we continue, we suggest you visit hawaiiheenalu.com if you need to learn more about surfing in Hawaii.

The new owner of the surfboard is Giovanne Branzuela, a 38-year-old primary school teacher in the southern Philippines. He is understood to have bought the board for $40 from a local fisherman, who found it in August 2018, six months after it disappeared from Falter’s sight. He purchased the board and proceed to learn surfing. He even contacted the board maker in Hawaii named Lyle Carson.

Carson then told Falter about the unbelievable news. The board is known to have changed from a pale blue to a yellowish color during its long journey across the Pacific Ocean. Falter argues that it was his first big wave surfboard that he custom-built for himself. He surfed the biggest days of his life. In his Facebook account, Falter revealed that although he was sad to have lost his surfboard, he was also very happy when he found out that it had fallen in the hands of someone who wanted to learn the sport.

Branzuela himself had no idea that the surfboard he bought from fishermen came from Hawaii. Branzuela had said that the surfboard was from Hawaii. Of course, it’s hard for him to believe that. It is his dream to learn to surf and ride the big waves here. From then on he could use Falter’s board. He told Falter that the board will be taken care of properly. Falter said if it weren’t for the travel ban, he would have visited Branzuela in the Philippines and taught him to surf.

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