How To Relieve Headaches Without Taking Drugs


Massage is one way that is often used or chosen by some people as a powerful way to relieve fatigue and pain in the body. Massage has various types and different ways. Some still use the modern method, the traditional way or some even use a mixed method, which is a combination of traditional and modern methods. Meanwhile, the type of massage that is most favored by the public is reflexology using the massage gold coast technique. In this case, there are different types of massage. The most basic difference generally lies in the method used. One example, for reflexology, this will usually prioritize certain points on the body such as the hands, feet and ears.

At these points it is believed to have a direct connection with the nerves in the body. For this type of reflexology, this cannot be done by random people. Those who do this massage should know how and certain points to learn. If this is done by a person who has no basis then this can be dangerous, especially if it is practiced for other people. Therefore, only a therapist who has certain experience and certification can perform this massage. If we look at the benefits, of course there are several benefits that can be obtained such as reducing headaches, improving blood circulation in the body and so on.

For reflexology that can help relieve headaches, these are usually headaches caused by anxiety and stress. Reflexology therapy to relieve pain in the head will usually be seen after 3 months of routine massage therapy. The existence of this, of course, will be very easy for those of you who do not like taking drugs. Due to the type of reflexology, it can work with the process and without having to take medication. so that will give good effect for you.

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