How To Clean The Sofa The Right Way

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Leaving the sofa dirty and dusty because you are lazy to clean it is something that should not be imitated. If you can’t keep your sofa clean yourself, at least you can ask for help by hiring a service like Steam Star Carpet Cleaning. This is done for your good because a dirty and dusty sofa is not very good for your health, especially on a sofa that is placed in the living room. When there are guests who come to visit you, then this will not make your guests uncomfortable. So that this does not happen, you need to keep the sofa clean. Here, we present to you how to clean the sofa that you can apply.

You can clean it using a vacuum cleaner. During this time you may think that cleaning the sofa with a duster is enough. However, such thinking is wrong because the duster is not very capable of cleaning up the germs and herbs that often stick to the sofa. So to ensure that the dust and dirt stuck to the sofa are removed completely, you can use a vacuum cleaner. You can use a type of vacuum cleaner that can reach between the sofas and make sure you clean not only the surface of the sofa material but also the inside and narrow crevices of the sofa.

Next, you can clean the sofa by washing it with detergent. This method is considered effective for removing stubborn stains on the sofa such as oil and food remnants that stick to it such as jam. For preparation, you can move the sofa out of the house or in the yard, give the bottom of the sofa with newspaper. This is done to prevent dust and other debris from contaminating the house or moving to other furniture in the room.
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