Do You Know How To Maintain Leather And Silk Rug?


Leather rugs can give a luxurious and elegant impression. The best way to care for leather rugs is to clean them in a special rug laundry. Unfortunately, price of washing leather rugs in the laundry tends to be expensive. However, if you wash your rugs at Rug Cleaning Sydney, the price is worth the quality service they give to all customers Carpet Cleaning Sydney.

To save money, you can also clean leather rugs manually. The thing to pay attention to is to see the care label before cleaning the rug, yes. This is done so that the leather rug is not damaged.

Check out some tips on cleaning and caring for leather rugs, let’s go!

1. Do not use hot water

Fill a large tub with cold or warm water – not hot water, OK! Hot water will make your leather rug damaged and shrink.

2. Use a special detergent for leather products

Choose a special detergent for the skin. The detergent used must be non-alkaline without containing any biological enzymes. You can buy it at an online store or a cleaning supply store.

3. Do not use fabric softener

4. Avoid drying in direct sunlight

Dry the rug in a cool, shady place. Direct sunlight can damage the rug.

5. Scrub using a special brush

Scrub the rug gently with a special soft-bristled leather brush.

If you have a taste for classic and luxurious d├ęcor, you will be attracted to silk rugs. This type of rug does have a high aesthetic level.

To clean silk rugs, you can wash them in a special rug laundry. However, you can also take care of your silk rug at home, you know. Check out the tips below!

1. Use a vacuum cleaner

Try to vacuum regularly every week. No need to use water to clean this type of rug, huh.

2. Dry in the shade

To get rid of dust, bacteria, and mites, you can dry them in the shade.

3. Clean with a broom or rattan

Pat the rug with a broom or rattan to remove dust and dirt between the rug.

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